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I am a passionate teacher whose thirteen year experience spans across genres, age groups and countries I have taught in. I confidently teach in English, Spanish, Polish and have taught bilingual lessons in English and Welsh.

I have taught in Spain, Poland, England and Wales. I enjoy teaching all age groups and have an up to date DBS (CRB). I teach on location, in venues, schools, cafes as well as remotely for your comfort. Classes I offer are for individual students, groups, in a workshop form, as a one off guide and next step consultancy style class or as part of a program designed especially for you.

I regularly work with individual students as well as businesses, schools, colleges, organisations and universities.

I continue to hone my craft by keeping up to date with my own training, conference and course attendance as well as research and writing. My MScEcon, BA and PGCE degrees, experience as well as continuous development ensure my courses, material and activities are up to date, valid and useful in the current setting. The philosophies I help my students discover shape the way I live my life every day.

Some of the bespoke courses (all offered at different levels for adults and children) I offer include:

  • Languages
  • Accent neutralisation
  • Teamwork for performing arts and ensemble performance
  • Physicality in vocal performance
  • Freeing your voice (as an entrepreneur, performer, artist, business owner- a bespoke coaching style course where we discover the best next steps for you)
  • Communication skills for hospitality staff
  • Communication skills for medical staff
  • Communication skills for your business (catered to the needs of your team/business/industry)
  • Swing dance (please find more information in the choreography section)
  • Marketing, strategy and setting up free marketing channels
  • Study skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Well-being and stress management
  • SMNR- introduction to sustainable management of natural resources
  • Citizenship
  • Artistic practices and politics
  • Intro to governance, corporate planning and organisation politics
  • Career planning, mock interviews and guidance

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Get in touch for particular courses, bespoke sessions, guidance and quotes.

If you aren’t sure about what class would suit you, your family or staff best, you can rest now as I will do this work for you. I will find or create the best course of action for you to help you take the first bold step to realising your goals!

Thank you,

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