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My consultancy experience ranges from career advice, languages, governance, corporate planning, translation, creative project management, audit trail and negotiations to advice on intricate photography projects, how to setup workshops, freeing your voice, detailed staging, solo performance and getting the show on the road as well as character design, storyline creation, budgeting and marketing locally and abroad.

I draw on my experiences working for the arts industries, universities, schools, businesses and the civil service. Whatever the subject may be I can help you come up with the best strategy, detailed action plan, support and guidance to successfully move forward.

I care about what your project needs and tactfully encourage you to find the best solution while providing a plethora of educated ideas. I work remotely as well as in person. Thank you for your time; please get in touch to discuss your idea with me and to plan around the next steps required for your project.

I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you make your vision become reality.

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