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Welcome to the movement centred aspect of my website. I am here to help with your project. My work combines movement, physical theatre and dancing. I am very pleased to offer a bespoke set of steps or movements, basic or varied to advanced. I offer my services to allow you to experience the joy dance can bring. I draw on international dance techniques and focus on what you and your project need.

Maybe you are a fellow actor working on your solo piece and need feedback on your choreography, a couple hoping to learn a few moves to enjoy dancing together or a business where staff could use gentle movement to relax during lunchtime, let me know and I will support you and your team.

My Swing Dance experience, centres around Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop in particular. Occasionally my choreography is embellished with elements of Balboa, Salsa and Urban training, which allows me to create a unique and beautiful style for your special event. I get to know you and your project first in order to ensure the choreography best represents your goals.

I have danced in Poland, the USA, Spain, the UK (in England and Wales) as well as in Finland, while professionally representing the Polish Team. I have created choreographies and performed at various shows. I stay up to date with various international events, developments in technique and keep up with my training.

Whether it is a Charleston choreography for the Young Farmer’s Club, a couple dance, a student group performance, a part of a funny gig or an integral part of your mono-dram, I ensure the style suits the occasion. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you.

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